Janka Hardness Ratings

The Janka hardness test is the hardness level given to each species. Hardness is expressed in kilo newtons; the Janka rating is a measure of the wood to resist indentation. It is one of the best measures of the ability of a wood species to withstand denting and wear. The higher the Janka rating / number the greater the hardness.

The higher the Janka Rating, the harder the timber is.

Timber Species Hardness JANKAsort descending Colour/Tone
Spotted Gum 11.0 often mid brown with light sapwood
Red Gum 12.0 often deep red with paler sapwood
Turpentine 12.0 often mid brown with pink tones
Red Ironbark 14.0 often dark brown to red brown
Grey Gum 14.0 often red brown with paler sapwood
Grey Ironbark 14.0 often mid to dark brown and red brown
Grey Box 15.0 often mid brown with paler tones
European Oak 6 Blondes, Light Brown to Dark Tan
Tasmanian Oak 7 Light in colour, varying from straw to reddish brown with intermediate shades of cream to pink.
Northern Beech Species 8.0 to 10.0 often straw to straw brown
Wormy Chestnut 8.1 Pale Blondes to Greyish Brown may have a hint of Pink
Australian Chestnut 8.1 Mellow Straw brown to light browns, may have a hint of pink
Tallowwood 8.6 often light olive brown
Cherry Mahogany 8.8 often medium to deep red
Pearl Mahogany 8.8 often pale brown with pinkish tones
Jarrah 9 Dark Red to Brown
Karri 9 Pale Pink to Reddish Brown
Blue Gum 9.0 often mid to light red brown
Blackbutt 9.1 often straw to pale brown
Brush Box 9.5 often mid brown with pink tones
New England Blackbutt 9.5 often straw to pale brown
Mixed Reds 9.5 A mixture of Red Mahogany, Flooded Gum, Blue Gum and River Red Gum
Mixed Hardwoods Species 9.5 to 14.0 A mixture of Spotted Gum, Brushbox, Ironbark and Blackbutt