Wideboard Solid Timber Overlay Flooring

An exciting wideboard overlay product has been developed that can be installed over existing sheet subfloors when height has been of concern. Our 14mm product is available in 130mm and 180mm which all can be installed using a combination of adhesive and secret fixing. 14mm flooring is also available in all Australian species and grades to give versatility of colour and feature for every application. The 'Fourteen' series is pre-straightened and flatteded for ease of installation. The mill has developed product specific drying and processing techniques that assure the quality and stability of all 'fourteen' floors. Importantly overlay wideboards are warranted without face-nailing, unlike 130x19mm and wider floorboards.

Spotted Gum Select Wide Board Overlay
Blackbutt Select Grade Solid Timber Overlay
Grey Box Select Grade Solid Timber Overlay
Australian Chestnut Solid Timber Overlay