The SwiftDeck No Screw Click System

Welcome to SwiftDeck

The no screw clip system that will save you time and money!
Swiftdeck makes the tedious fixing of timber decking less back breaking, many times faster and visually extraordinary.

With a simple click you can fix entire lengths into position accurately and securely. Not a nail in sight. Ordinary decking requires approximately fifty screws or nails to fix down a single square meter. Swift deck simply locks into the patented clip rail to secure it for good.

Products Specifications

Size: 85x19mm
Lengths: Finger Jointed to: 3.6m, 4.5m and 5.4m
Species: Spotted gum, Blue gumCypress, Ironbark and Stringy bark (other lengths, sizes and species are available on request)
Glue: Purbond HB SO49 – External Use or another Flexible Adhesive

Pricing:  Give us a call for pricing and availability
                Swift Deck Clips are also needed
                An Instruction video link can be supplied on placement of an order.


  1. Secure the first board using the conventional means of ensuring straightness as all other boards will follow this set out.
  2. Locate swiftdeck clip rails into groove on the first board and fix into joist (using clouts, nail gun or screws). Ensure all lugs on the clip rail are touching the top of the joist.
  3. Place a bead of silicone or flexible adhesive along the top of the joist and snap decking into the clip rail. If a join is required simply cut a section of clip rail and fix it to the other side of the joist.
  4. Make sure the entire perimeter of this deck is secured. The best method is a timber boarder, if this cannot be done fix conventionally.


Attach only enough clip rail to joists to accommodate 5-10 pieces of decking. If any joists are twisted place the clip rail on the high side. Then fit decking before attaching more clip rail.

Swiftdeck coverage is 90mm (board plus gap). Dividing the area you need top cover by .090 will give the lineal meters required to complete the job.

If cutting boards in it is preferable to span at least four joints.

All efforts have been made to ensure that SwiftDeck will make your job easier however under certain conditions the installer must access and fix the decking according to requirement.