Hardwood Australian Decking and Screening

Renowned for our Australian Hardwood Decks, Mountain Timber Products prides itself in supplying superior quality decking material sourced from Australia not stripping the rainforests of their trees.

Decks add cost effective extra living areas and are an exciting addition to any renovation. Decking boards are designed for external floors and do not have the tongue and groove of internal floors. Boards are laid with small gaps between to permit the boards to expand and contract freely under sun and rain and to permit appropriate air ventilation.

A wide range of species are available for external use such as Spotted Gum, Ironbark, Blackbutt, Yellow Stringybark, Jarrah and QLD Forest Red Gum.  Decking is available in Random Lengths ranging from .9m to 4.8m. When building a deck you should allow a wastage factor of 15%. All decking is graded to Standard and Better unless otherwise required. Our decking boards are flat/smooth on both sides (not reeded/grooved).

Some hardwoods are not durable and not used for external use. Hardwoods and softwoods that are used externally have had their sapwood treated with preservative to ensure long term durability.

Screening is available in set lengths in two species either Spotted Gum or Ironbark with widths either 42x19mm or 65x19mm

Decks are used to enhance the natural flow from indoor flooring to out door decking as shown below in these photos.


Ironbark Hardwood Australian Decking
Yellow Stringybark Hardwood Australian Decking
Spotted Gum Hardwood Australian Decking
Blackbutt Hardwood Australian Decking